Technological innovation hand in hand with your creation

Activity sectors

The Group is , since 1968, taking parts in the industrial sectors, especially in sport pleasure and automotive.


All our installations are robotized.

The +

A multi-technology and multi-material approach
An experience of various markets
An adaptability and a creativity to serve your projects

Production capacity

5 plating installations.

4 painting installations.

3 laboratories.

1 team of 170 people.

115 in France and 55 in Romania.

Quality and environment

ISO 9001 on our three sites.

ISO 14001 on both treatment installations



Research and development

5% of our turnover is dedicated to R&D. Our directions of research are REACH anticipation, with the attacks without chrome VI on ABS galvanoplasty, the mixing of treatments technologies with a result such as protected brand of treatments. Thanks to these research actions, we are at the panel of Europeans automakers.