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Pôle industrie

The CTS group is composed of three companies: UNT, CTS and CTS Romania. 170 employees and 12,5 M € of Turnover in 2018

The industrial pole of CTS is composed of two companies in France and one in Romania
170 employees
12,5 M € of turnover in 2018

CTS in the Time

Key dates

  • 1968Creation of CTS, specialized in finish polishing for eyewear and sport.
  • 1970Launch of gold plating and chrome plating for automotive.
  • 1985ISO 9002 and 14 000CTS launch manual vanish for eyewear.
  • 2003ISO 9001 V 2000 and 14 001CTS Romania starts with a painting line.
    CTS France launch the activity of plastic chrome plating
  • 2004Launch of the activity of precious metal plating for eyewear.
    Buying of TSM to reinforce in the eyewear sector
  • 2005Buying by CTS France of a painting line and a biofilter.
  • 2010Buying of UNT: precision metal components for eyewear and watchmaking.
  • 2012Launch by CTS Romania of the zinc plating activity for automotive and ski.
  • 2015ISO 9001 V 2015Launch by CTS Romania of the galvanoplasty activity for automotive.
  • 2017Development by TSM of cataphoresis varnish for eyewear.