Technological innovation hand in hand with your creation

Activity sectors

The Group is, since 1968, taking parts in the industrial sectors, especially in sport pleasure and automotive.


All our installations are robotized.

The +

A multi-technology and multi-material approach
An experience of various markets
An adaptability and a creativity to serve your projects

Production capacity

4 plating installations.

3 painting installations.

2 laboratories.

1 team of 115 people.

Quality and environment

ISO 9001 on our three sites.

ISO 14001 on both treatment installations



Research and development

5% of our turnover is dedicated to R&D. Our directions of research are REACH anticipation, with the attacks without chrome VI on ABS galvanoplasty, the mixing of treatments technologies with a result such as protected brand of treatments. Thanks to these research actions, we are at the panel of Europeans automakers.