From prototypes to large series.

Engineering department

Tooling design, a specific expertise

  • 3D modelling (SolidWorks)
  • Design and realization of progressive cutting tools
  • Design and realization of stamping tools
  • Assistance in the design of eyewear components
  • Project management


From design to production

Design and production of press tools (cutting, stamping, folding). Design and production of progressive cutting tools for watchmaking, jewellery, or connectivity, for example. Design and realization of specific tooling for machining, polishing, assembly, welding, control...

  • Manufacturing of mechanical components
  • Assembly, adjustment
  • Set up on our machines
  • Production of pre-series on demand according to our customer’s request

Cutting / stamping

30 years of experience in cold forming process

3 production workshops equipped with high speed automatic cutting presses, and hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical presses from 10 to 300 t

  • Watchmaking stamping
  • Stamping for higher dimensions
  • Stamping / cold forging / bending

Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze...

We work all materials which yield strength allows this type of process...

CNC Machining

The diversity of machines makes it possible to take into account a wide range of parts.

Our park is made up of about twenty machining centres:

  • From 3 to 7 axes
  • HS spindles up to 42 000 rpm
  • Manual or automatic loading by bar feeding system, palletizer, or robot


Precision to the nearest microns

A specific workshop mainly dedicated to the production of watch part or single part for tooling. This air-conditioned workshop consists of:

  • Wire cut EDM machines that can use wire from Ø 0.03 up to Ø 0.25 mm
  • Hole drilling EDM machines
  • Die sinking EDM machines

Mass finishing

Vibrator, centrifuge, barrel, drag finishing ... many processes available according to customer needs

  • This workshop specifically dedicated to the mass finishing allows to carry out operations of: degreasing, cleaning, deburring, descaling, shelving, deoxidation, shining or polishing parts.

Depending on the needs of abrasion and the materials to be treated (brass, nickel silver, steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, bronze, niclafor, or plastic), we use different materials for finishing operations: plastic cones, porcelain, organic material, ceramic, copper...

Marking / welding / assembly

Delivery of complete subassemblies

  • As needed, we can perform laser marking, HF welding or assembly operations and deliver complete subassemblies to our customers.


Three-dimensional machine, camera controls, profile projectors

  • High-performance control means enable us to ensure a very high level of quality to meet our customers' requirements.
  • As needed, we can provide frequency control or 100% control of components.

Polishing/ Sandblasting

For a perfect surface

  • Preparation of surface before treatment to obtain brightness or adherence.

Laser engraving

Cutting edge engraving solution

  • YAG or C02
  • On metallic or organic substrate
  • Deep engraving