All our installations are automatized.

Galvanoplasty on plastics

1 installation

  • Bright or satin aspect.
  • ABS, ABS/PC bi injected parts with selective chrome plating.
  • Automotive interior or exterior.
  • Pilot site for eliminating hexavalent chrome.

Chrome plating on metals

1 installation

  • Bright or satin aspect.
  • Black white or smoke.
  • On steel, brass, stainless steel, copper…

Painting of metals and plastics

2 automatized lines

2 laboratories

  • Touch and aspect on demand.
  • Soft touch, metallized, high brightness…
  • On ABS, aluminum, steel, brass, PP, PA.
  • Specific pre treatment on line. If necessary, chromatation, flame, etc…

Zinc plating on racks

1 installation

  • Alcalin.
  • Black, white or thick passivation.
  • On steel, brass, copper, foundry…
  • Aspect plating.
  • Possibility of very high resistance to corrosion (more than 1500 hours).